Most Tulsa weight loss clinics are all about keeping track of what you ate throughout each and every day and getting as much aerobic exercise as humanly possible. However there are so many different contributing factors to weight loss that counting calories is one of the LAST places Dr. Frye looks at.

As people age their metabolism slows down and hormone levels decrease both are MAJOR contributing factors to weight gain. By addressing these core issues from a naturopathic, healthy approach they can be easily resolved and the body begins to function in a healthier way that burns fat more efficiently.

Another example would be If you have a low thyroid condition, a condition that will cause weight gain, then counting calories and exercising will not correct the low thyroid..

Dr. Frye’s weight loss clinic in Tulsa. looks for the core issues and works to correct those in a way that increases body health first and and as a result weight loss comes naturally.

The Frye Clinic weight loss program not only offers rapid weight loss, but is also a healthy alternative to HCG. Dr. Frye does not endorse HCG or any other potentially harmful weight loss methods. It is not necessary to count calories and measure food. Instead, Dr. Frye will help your body to achieve optimum health.  Optimum health along with natural and safe weight loss products will help your body burn fat more rapidly.