Strong-solid ankles

I was the eleventh child of a forty-five year old woman. My legs were not normal when I was born. By the time I was seventeen, I had screws in both ankles and was told that I would be in a wheelchair by twenty five.

Dr. Frye told me about a woman is his office that he prayed for who was supernaturally healed. She had man-made body parts that were changed back into normal human parts. I believed that God could do that for me in my ankles as well.

After Dr. Frye prayed for me, I stood and I had strong, solid bones in my ankles. I do not have the pain in my ankles that I had for years.


Plastic Sternum Prosthesis changes

In 1971, I had a sternum prosthesis inserted into my chest of a hard, rigid plastic which extended from my collar bone to my diaphragm. Over the years, I have had numerous medical challenges related to this.

I asked Dr. Frye to pray regarding this issue. He spoke to the very nucleus of the center of the cells of the prosthesis and rerecorded a new message into my body. “You are soft, pliable, elastic, and still strong.” Instantly the prosthesis became exactly as Dr. Frye spoke.

A few days later I had a CATscan done on my chest and there was no mention of a sternal prosthesis! Thank you, Dr. Frye for doing the works of my Father… Thank you.


Left shoulder healed

I tried to break up a dog fight and hurt my left shoulder. It hurt for more than a month. After visiting Dr. Frye today, he prayed for my shoulder as he adjusted it. There was a heat that went through my shoulder and the pain dissolved.


Little boy healed

My formerly “brain-injured” little boy started speaking in conversational sentences after Dr. Frye prayed for him-the very next day! His eyes also started tracking significantly closer to optimum. Praise Abba for the healing work of God through Dr. Frye. I am so happy!


Parathyroid gland healed-infection gone

I had a large and infected parathyroid gland on the right of my neck-a noticeable lump that I could feel with my hand. [He adjusted me and] after Dr. Bruce Frye laid hands on me and prayed, it got noticeably smaller and the infection left.


Gall Bladder Healed

I suffered with gall bladder issues for several years. The attacks were very painful, sometimes lasting several hours. During this time, I went to see Dr. Frye regularly. His natural approach and herbal tinctures helped immensely while I continued to use my faith until the full manifestation came. I am convinced that if I had gone the regular route, I would not have a gall bladder any more. Instead, I have a full and active life with my gall bladder!


Topical Cream

I was having severe muscle spasms in both of my legs. I used the Topical Inflammation cream on them and after only one use the muscle spasms went away. I am so thankful that this cream is available. I will continue to use it.


Skinny Caps

I am so thankful that Mary told me about Skinny Caps. I have just finished my fourth week and I have received several comments from others about my weight loss. Unlike other weight loss products, they are so easy to use.


Skinny Caps

Over the years, I have regained my health several times from the use of Frye’s Natural Health Products. So, when I heard about the Skinny Caps, I had a lot of faith in them. I am so pleased with the program. In six months, I have lost thirty pounds. The products made it easy for me to change my eating habits, and I have incorporated the habit of exercising only twenty minutes a day which is so good for me. They are by far the easiest weight loss product to use.



Thyro New, Gold Frankincense and Myrrh, and Skinny Caps

I started my weight loss program with high blood pressure, and hormone issues. After treatment and the use of Skinny Caps, Thyro New and Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, not only have I lost thirty pounds, but my hormones are normal. Due to the weight loss, I have also been able to get off of my blood pressure medication.


Candimint, and Thyro New 

I have been a patient at Dr. Frye’s office for many years. As the need arose, I have used many of the products. I found Candimint, along with alkaline water and an anti-candida diet to be very effective in controlling the overgrowth of Candida. When the tested me for Candida, they said it was the best they had ever seen. I am sure I would not have had as much success without the Candiment.

I have also used Thyro New and Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh as a part of my health regimen to assist me in bringing my hormones into balance.   Faith in God’s healing power, proper diet and lifestyle, and a consistent use of the products absolutely correct the problem I encounter every time.