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Waves for Life Sound Wave Therapy

Life is energy. Energy is measured in the form of frequencies. Every cell produces a frequency. The smallest particle of a cell is an atom. In an atom the electron spins around the center proton and a frequency is produced. Even an electric generator produces electricity by the same principle.

Frequency medicine is the use of energy wave lengths to accomplish a physical or mental state of homeostasis or balance. Common forms of energy medicine are electric frequencies and light frequencies such as laser and infrared therapy.

The amazing form of energy which we have harnessed in Waves For Life is sound frequency. 

However, you will not hear any tones rather Waves for life incorporates infrasound and inaudible sound waves as the source of this amazing energy. Energy= Life Life= Energy

Audible frequencies or Sound tones you hear, are created by the vibrating or resonating of an object. A speaker cone vibrates and audible sound is heard. The string of an acoustic guitar vibrates but no sound is heard until it resonates within the body of the guitar.

If the cells of the body were influenced by resonating sound frequencies instead of the cone of a speaker vibrating while making sound; how could tones, scales and music frequencies contribute to harmonic balance or homeostasis?

The key must be in finding and applying the proper healing and soothing frequency waves. That key is the ancient Key of David.

Biblical Reference:

Healing frequency waves are found in the Bible. They are called the pre-Gregorian sound frequencies or music scale. This scale has also been called the Key of David.  Evidence of the power of the Key of David scale is found throughout the First Covenant of the Bible. David healed King Saul by playing the harp in this key.  The Bible states that we are made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore our cells must be in like frequency with God. David brought Saul’s disharmonic cells or state of being into harmonic resonance with God.  Healing or homeostasis was created.

In Israel the musicians were even sent out in front of the army.  As the shofars called for the presence of God and declared victory, the power of God descended.

Even the Walls of Jericho came down with the power of sound.  The entire nation 650,000 people were called to march around Jericho.  Imagine the sound power produced by 80000 Levites blowing their shofars simultaneously in harmony with God! Destructive amplitude to high.


Scientists have discovered a unique capability of amethyst called “The Amethyst Effect,” an amazing property only seen in amethyst crystals which clearly changes energy such as infra-red light frequencies into patterns that mimic the human voice. Yes, you read that right amethyst takes in energy and re-emits frequencies that appear to be like those of the human voice!

This means that amethyst emits a frequency range of sound. In addition, Amethyst is a natural amplifier. It is thought that its crystal structure purifies or standardizes the energy sine waves (frequencies) having the effect of amplifying the sound waves.

Biblical reference

“Amethyst forms the twelfth row of the foundation of New Jerusalem” Rev. 21:20 the twelfth row is the final row and therefore what all things will be in contact with in New Jerusalem.  The Ephod on the breastplate of the high priest contained stones ordered by God. Amethyst is on the third row and therefore in the center of the breast plate.

 “For thou shall be in league with the stones of the field”

Job 5:23

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Waves for Life: meditation and spiritual therapy influenced by ancient Hebrew and future Messianic millennial Revelation.

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