Frye clinic is results oriented alternative medicine clinic in Tulsa. “Our goal is for people to get better as quickly as possible. With so many tools, options and herbs to heal, there is nothing stopping my patients from living a satisfied life in every way.”


Acupuncture is done in a variety of ways through the use of needles and acupatches. Dr. Frye does not prescribe to the Eastern philosophy that sometimes accompanies acupuncture, but rather the solid science and research behind it.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine methods are diverse in their foundations and methodologies within each office and are as varied as the doctor. At Frye Clinic there is a fundamental focus on individualized treatments addressing the whole person, promoting self-care and recognizing the spiritual component through Jesus Christ that also brings healing.

In addition, alternative medicine focuses on good nutrition and preventive practices. Many people question the efficacy of alternative medicine.  The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) defines alternative medicine as “a group of diverse medical and healthcare systems, practices, and products that are not currently part of conventional medicine.”

The proof is in the results.  Visit our testimonial page to see real results from our patients.


Dr. Frye is a leader in chiropractic methods his techniques are in use by other chiropractors through out the U.S. and Canada.

Weight Loss

Dr. Frye’s weight loss program not only offers rapid weight loss, but it is also healthy for your body. No HCG or any other potentially harmful weight loss methods are utilized. There is no calories counting and food measuring.

Instead Dr. Frye aids the body in attaining optimum health.  When this is achieved, in conjunction with safe and natural weight loss aids, males and females alike will naturally burn fat more rapidly.

These issues can be easily resolved when addressing them from a naturopathic approach. The whole body will begin to function in a healthier, more efficient manner the way that God designed it.

There are several factors that contribute to weight gain. As people age, their metabolism slows down and hormone levels decrease. The body also has years of toxins stored in the liver. There may also be underlying hormonal issues. If a person has had long-term challenges with weight loss, Dr. Frye addresses the underlying issues to achieve long-lasting success.

Detox Center

Many health conscious people work hard to keep toxins out of their bodies. However, air quality and pesticide use are not toxins that can be controlled on an individual basis.

Everyday our bodies are subjected to toxins of all kinds from our immediate environment. An important part of good health is detoxing the body in order to remove harsh chemical.

Frye Labs has several detox options available including an ozone steam cabinet, ozone foot cleanses, and oxygen therapy as well as safe and natural nutraceuticals. Detoxing is especially recommended for those dealing with health challenges. It is also a great way to stay proactive in the pursuit of optimum health.