As people find out about the Jade Bed, it’s gaining in popularity.

The Jade bed is unique because it combines Jade and Light Therapy with an Acupressure Massage at the same time.

Benefits of the Jade Bed

  • A session on the thermal acupressure massage tables layers together principles of many Leading Tulsa Alternative Medicinerelaxing and restorative therapies.
  • Each of these therapies has been shown to have profound benefits.
  • The combination helps all these therapies to enhance one another for increased benefit.
  • The internal jade projector is configured to create a massage/acupressure effect as well as maintenance of spinal alignment and improved nerve function

In Eastern medicine, Jade is believed to emit healing properties. The Jade rollers of the bed are heated with Helium light, causing them to emit far infrared heat.

Infrared- or radiant heat- is widely used by hospitals, physicians, chiropractors and other practitioners. Far infrared heat absorbs deeply into the bodies tissues, promoting improved circulation and healing.