At Dr. Frye’s Tulsa Acupuncture Clinic acupuncture is done using a variety of techniques through the use of traditional acupuncture needles and acupatches. Frye’s Tulsa Acupuncture has seen tremendous results for all types of illness and pain.

Dr. Frye does not prescribe to the Eastern philosophy that sometimes accompanies acupuncture, but rather the solid science and research behind it.

A 1998 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, showed that medical doctors refer their patients to acupuncturists more than any other alternative care provider; the same study also revealed that 51% of medical doctors believe acupuncture to be efficacious and of value.

“It is important for Western medicine to recognize that acupoints really mean something in regard to pain relief, “explained Dr. Lee, lead author of a study done in similar study in New Jersey. “So many people with pain, whether from cancer, headache or a chronic unexplained condition, rely on medications such as morphine, which can become addicting. Acupuncture has no side effects and other studies have shown the pain relief it provides can last for months.”

Dr. Frye is a forerunner in the field of natural and homeopathic medicine. He has formulated a multitude of herbal and nutritional nutraceuticals to aid his patients into a quick recovery. The in-house lab has over 100 products in the formulary.